Saturday, July 25, 2009


These days, i've been having a strange urge to be like "Emma" know the one from Jane Austen's book? So the other day i was talking to a girl friend on facebook...well, actually we were just leaving messages on each other's wall...and a brilliant (hopefully) idea struck me...i asked her if she was interested to get to know a pilot friend of mine who's based in Singapore...coz she's currently in Singapore for some training till end of the year...

So today i was talking to my pilot friend...and i asked him if he was interested to get to know a hot babe girl friend of mine...i asked him to add her on he looked at my list of friends on facebook and suddenly he asked, this girl from Samad? i think so...can't remember for pilot friend was from Samad as well...turned out, he kind of knew her back in school...and he remembered her...i'm not sure if she remembers him though...coz i didn't tell her that my pilot friend used to go to Samad...hehe...

Well, if that isn't fate....of course, i musn't get too excited yet...coz they have yet to meet each other again...though this 'cupid' can only do so much...the rest is really up to them...but i'm keeping my fingers crossed...i think my "Emma" complex is stemming from the fact that since i can't seem to find my own Mr Right, so i'm gonna help others do so...i know...warped logic..but since when did logic and i ever gel? I'm's 2am after all...yet i'm not sleepy...who needs coffee to stay awake?

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