Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shopping Saturday...

So i finally slept before the clock struck 3am..i think...put my alarm at 11am...but lazed in my bed till 12 noon before i finally dragged my butt out of bed and went downstairs to work on my elliptical trainer.. yea yea, i's been a while since i last worked out...i'm turning into a blob of fat...that's why i told myself that i had to start working out again...managed to work out for 1/2 hour...boy, i'm so unfit de... i actually felt woozy halfway through my workout...maybe i was a bit i stopped halfway and ate some biscuits and drank some sweet drinks...felt better after that...would have loved to stretch my work out to 45 mins but i'm getting soft...sigh...

After i bathed, i decide
d that today would be shopping saturday for me...well, i had nothing else to do and staying at home was proving to be too hot on a warm day like i drove to Warisan Square and started walking...i think i'm becoming agoraphobic...coz i actually felt uncomfortable being in public space...but i braved through the crowd anyhow (thank God there wasn't really much of a crowd despite it being a saturday)...bought myself a chocolate/peanut butter waffle and munched while i window-shopped...Charles & Keith was having their end of season clearance sale..and most of the shoes and bags were on 40-70% discount...saw a dinner bag that i liked a lot which cost rm69...oh well, didn't really need a dinner bag and it wasn't exactly super cheap... saw a few pair of heels that looked very nice too...but the problem with having Cinderella's feet is that most shoes are made for her stepsisters' feet...;P

So i went over to Padini C
oncept Store where i know there'll always be size 3 or 4 shoes left during sale...looked around for tops and dresses...nothing caught my fancy...i used to be a clothes person...i don't know since when i developed a fetish for shoes...and i ended up trying a few pair of shoes...most of them looked quite good but i go for comfort as well...the last pair of shoes i bought, it was quite a disaster...totally killed my in the end, i chose a white pair of heels..and i could fit into size 3...comfortably...yea, i know...i don't really have a need for a new pair of heels...but i guess i just needed the retail therapy that my che anyway, here are some pics of my new white heels...


  1. Wow!!! That's a pretty pair of shoes. May I borrow it sometimes?

    So retail therapy does work, doesn't it?

    Btw, that new fetish for shoes and bags signifies a specialist-to-be la...on the way to a good life quickly make your plans to go into private practice!

  2. che, i don't think it's your size...but i can bring back and let you try lah...hehe...
    well, it only works to a certain extent..doesn't solve the problem..just alleviate the symptoms..temporarily..
    huh?is that what it signifies? i thought it only means i'm developing a 'tai tai' so not me ok?

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