Monday, October 25, 2010

Wedding Dress - Tae Yang

Saw a link on FB by a was an English version of this Korean song titled "Wedding Dress"...originally sung by Tae Yang (i have no idea who he is but i assume he's a Korean singer)...the English version was sung by this guy called Kevin idea who he is also... but the song is quite cool....especially the lyrics for the English sad...and the MV...gosh...can really bring tears to the's really so sad when you see the person you love getting married but the person he/she is marrying is not you...i wonder if i'd be sad when this finally happens to me...but i guess i probably won't, since i no longer harbour any feelings anymore...

Taeyang - Wedding Dress (English Version by Kevin Lien) W/ LYRICS

Taeyang - Wedding Dress [HD]

Incidentally, today i went to try out wedding dresses with Elaine...coz she's choosing her gowns for her wedding this coming November...she chose one white gown...which wasn't any of the ones she wore for her photo shoot...but this white one is a simple A-line floor-length dress with a layer of organza and glitter all over....made her looked like a princess...and she chose another evening gown for her dinner...a sky blue dress with cinched ruffle skirt and a bodice full of beads and sequins....very pretty....anyway, enjoy the songs...

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