Saturday, March 10, 2012

Defying Gravity...

Thursday was a mixture of drama and miracle...some idiot decided to create Everests out of anthills...and i was the unwitting scapegoat...suddenly i just felt like i've had enough of all this stupidity...all this politics and hypocrisy...can't help thinking that i should stir up trouble so that i have an excuse to quit...

And i woke up on Friday morning from a dream...which normally would have sent shivers down my spine and caused me to wake up screaming, crying and soaked in sweat...i dreamt that i failed my exam...instead i actually felt relieved and happy...i felt that it was a good sign...if i failed my exam then i have a good reason to quit...yea, screw it!! i'm outta here...

And then i opened my FB and saw a friend's link with one of the song from WICKED: the's the song by Elphaba, "Defying Gravity"...when she started to fly...and i could relate to she was such a nice and loving person but was used by the establishment and when she rebelled, they outcast her and labelled her 'wicked'....when i first watched the musical and heard Rachel Tucker sang this song at Apollo Victoria Theatre, tears were flowing down from my was so touching and inspiring....

And i listened to it again...this time, the rock version by Kerry Ellis...thought it was great for dancing...the energy and spirit were so inspiring...and i checked out the lyrics...the song lyrics and the lyrics from the musical are slightly different...but both versions still made my spirit want to break free...anyway, sharing the Kerry Ellis rock version here (though i think Rachel Tucker is a better Elphaba):

And here are the lyrics:

Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I'm through with playing by
The rules of someone else's game
Too late for second guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It's time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes and leap

It's time to try defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye, I'm defying gravity
And you can't bring me down

I'm through accepting limits
Cos someone says they're so
Some things I cannot change
But til I try I'll never know
Too long I've been afraid of
Losing love I guess I've lost
Well if that's love it comes at
Much too high a cost

I'd sooner buy defying gravity
I'm way up high, I'm defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye, I'm defying gravity
And you won't bring me down

My future is unlimited
And I just had a vision
Almost like a prophecy
I know
It sounds truly crazy
And, true, the vision's hazy
But I can see it
I can feel it
I swear I'll be so high
yeah yeah

So if you care to find me
Look to the western sky
As someone told me lately
Everyone deserves a chance to fly
And if I'm flying solo
At least I'm flying free
To those who ground me
Take a message back from me
ah yeah

It's time to try defying gravity
I'm way up high, I'm defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye, I'm defying gravity
And you won't bring me
You won't bring me down

Here's to standing up for your rights/faith/beliefs/convictions!!! time to break free and defy gravity!!!

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