Thursday, March 19, 2009


So i've been listening to Khalil's songs and this particular one has been popping up in my head whenever i feel like humming a's from his first album 'Soulboy'...this song is called mei tian mei tian...or everyday...i use an add-on that Kok Wei recommended on Mozilla Firefox to help me read the chinese characters..very very helpful...i'll attempt to translate (please excuse my lousy attempt)

每天每天 站在忙亂又無聊的路旁 (everyday, standing by the side of the busy road)

等你向我走來 (waiting for you to come by my way)

每天每天 一直看見到你和你說話 (everyday, talking to you when i see you)

才算有個開始 (only then can it be considered a start)

每天每天 我都沒感覺我們有什麼改變 (everyday, i don't feel like there's any difference about us)

我一直以為 這是永遠 (i always thought, this is forever)

而我無法想像你會離開 (and i cannot imagine that you will leave)

我已習慣 你走在我的右手邊 (i'm used to you walking on my right)

一起看無聊搞笑片 (together we watch nonsensical and funny movies)

約好去看地中海的藍 (go and see the Mediterranean sea)

我已習慣 我們在一起像Old friend (i'm used to us being like old friends)

分享生活裡的一切 我知道你每個笑 (sharing everything in life, i know your every smile)

有不同的意義存在 (has a different meaning)

明白讓你走會後悔(不願意你離開) (understand that letting you go i'll regret [reluctant for you to leave])

這樣的感情太可貴(我現在已瞭解) (this feeling is too precious [now i understand])

我要的幸福 (the happiness i want)

每一天 每一天 慢慢發現 (everyday, everyday, slowly discover)

And I love you baby 不會再後退 (will not hold back)

也不能只是你的 朋友 (and can no longer be just your friend)


  1. Every day is special.

    Every day is a journal page.

  2. Yes POTS..that's why we must appreciate every day of our lives..and the people who are beside us...

  3. First of all, how do you write Chinese in your blog entry?

    'Hou Keng' ah....can translate from Chinese to English already.

  4. I just copied and pasted the Chinese lyrics che. i got the lyrics from a Chinese website... thanks though..just attempting...not too good though...

  5. Errr....I don't even know half of all the chinese words, so I wouldn't know if you've translated correctly ;P

    I must 'ka yau' in learning Chinese already.

  6. actually...i dunno most of the chinese words..i just use the add-on to read for me..yea.. jia you oh che...go install the chinese per-akun mozilla..