Sunday, March 22, 2009

Karaoke session...

Elaine and Siang Lin came down from Kudat yesterday morning..Elaine lamented that this was the only weekend she wasn't on call and could finally come down to KK...which was why I've been looking forward to this weekend..our karaoke session..hehe..

Anyway, i did my first saturday locum OT yesterday...would rather have slept in on a saturday morning instead..but well, i just thought i'd give it a try..that was quite uneventful...met up with Elaine and Siang Lin for lunch...then we went for our karaoke was also our chinese tuition class...coz we'd sing chinese songs that we knew how to sing...yea, no prize for guessing whose songs i'll be singing mostly...i've been learning Khalil's songs dilligently for the past few i could sing them even without Mozilla's add-on to help me read the chinese words...but much to my disappointment, most of Khalil's songs couldn't be played by the karaoke machine...bummer!!! it's like a bloody conspiration against me singing his songs...well, still it didn't stop us from singing for almost 4 hours...phew!!!

Oh, Siang Lin went to get a haircut while we were singing our hearts out...and he came back with his new hairstyle a la Khalil Fong...hehe, Siang Lin actually looked more fashionable...though personally, i thought that look on Khalil makes him look a teeny bit too nerdy, hehe...but then again, Khalil can look however he wants, his voice and music will still be as good as ever...

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