Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Was on the way to locum this evening...stopped by at city mall to ta pau rained a when i left and was driving to the clinic, there, right in front of my view was a rainbow...i love rainbows.. it's one of God's miracles that is easily seen...

And i was wondering to myself...if i did get to the end of a rainbow, will i really find a pot of gold and the land of leprechauns? yea well, it's just thoughtless's late..


  1. Mmm...leprechauns, was just having dream yesterday about chasing a little man in green pointy irish suits running havoc in my clinic yesterday!
    Boy oh boy...deja vu'

  2. kath, next time take a pic and post it up la

  3. Taptrick, why are you dreaming of leprechauns?
    Ah liam, i was driving le..and didn't have my camera with time lah ok?

  4. Anonymous18/3/09 23:16

    Love your kitty cat...sure makes me regret not purchasing the porcelain sleeping cat i was haggling with the shopkeeper in downtown Istanbul....did not get the price i wanted as running out of lira.

    Sure you will find your pot of gold!!.... a friend of mine used to pick up money whenever she sees a rainbow!!..BEST OF LUCK leh

  5. yea, i love that cat pic too..that's why i put it up on my blog..i didn't pick up any money after i saw the rainbow though..but i did get paid for my locum ;)