Friday, December 4, 2009

Hong Kong and Macau, here i come...

I'm starting December with a bang....and a shopping spree...hehe...i'll be leaving for Macau in a few hours time...and i've been looking forward to this trip for's my first solo trip..:)

Until last night, i still had problem with my 1st 3 nights hotel stay in a call from Agoda telling me my booking for 4-7 Dec at Wifi Hotel didn't go through coz they don't have a room for me on 4 Dec...i was like...great!!! now this is really last i got home and started hunting for last minute offers for hotel stay....finally, managed to book Island Pacific Hotel at Sheung Wan...cost more than my budget but hey, serve me right for waiting till the last minute...but phew!!! at least i won't be stranded in HK, resorting to sleeping under bridges or in the parks and risk ending up in HK jail...

So, i'll be disappearing for a week or so...but when i'm back, there'll be definitely lots to write about... don't miss me too much yea?

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