Thursday, July 29, 2010

A reply to a song....

I was on call on Tuesday and i was basically running back and forth between Queen and SMC...during yet another of my drive, the radio was playing Eason Chan's 淘汰 ....which according to NJstar's translation means elimination through selection or competition, die out, fall into disuse, to wash out or to phase out....i didn't know why but i was suddenly overwhelmed by a wave of tears...and i broke down and cried...most likely it has to do with the phase i'm going through now...

Anyway, i was checking out the MV for this song yesterday and i found out that Jay Chou actually wrote this song for Eason wonder i was wondering why it didn't really sound like something from Eason's a link to the song's MV if you're interested to listen... MV plays out the essence of the song...and i can't help but think of a reply to that song...

This is the original lyrics for

我說了所有的謊 你全都相信
(All the lies i've told, you believed them all)
簡單的我愛你 你卻老不信
(A simple "I love you", yet you stubbornly disbelieve)
你書裡的劇情 我不想上演
(Your book's plot, i don't wish to act in)
(because i like comedy ending)

#我試過完美放棄 的確很踏實
(I've tried to give up perfection, very realistic)
 醒來了 夢散了 你我都走散了
(Awakened, dreams shattered, you and i have strayed away)
 情歌的詞何必押韻 就算我是K歌之王
(Why should love song's lyrics rhyme? Even if i'm the karaoke king)
(Not necessarily able to sing romance into prefection)

*只能說我輸了 也許是你怕了
(Can only say i've lost, maybe you're scared)
(Our memories have no creases)
(Yet you used goodbye to iron out our ending)
 只能說我認了 你的不安贏得你信任
(Can only say i admit, your restlessness won your confidence)
(But i am consoled by being eliminated)

This is my reply to the song....

你说了所有的荒 我都能相信
(All the lies you've told, i can believe them all)
但你的我爱你 我却感不触
(But your "I love you", i can't seem to feel)
我书里的剧情 你不需上演
(My book's plot, doesn't need you to act in)
(Because i don't demand fairy tale ending)

#我不能完美放弃 的确不踏实
(I can't give up perfection, very unrealistic)
梦醒了 泪干了 你我不再回头
(Awakened from dream, tears have dried, you and i can't start over)
情歌的词必需押韵 虽我不是K歌女王
(It's essential for love song's lyrics to rhyme, although i'm not the karaoke queen)
(I will strive to sing romance into perfection)

*不想说你输了 但我真的怕了
(Don't want to say you've lost, but i'm really afraid)
(Our memories have too many creases)
(Although i don't want goodbye to iron out our ending)
不想说我认了 你的性格输了我信任
(Don't want to admit, your character have lost my confidence)
(Still you won the consolation of being eliminated)

If you've watched the MV, you will realize that regardless of who is eliminating and who is being eliminated, both of you will end up being exhausted...we can't be running all our lives...


  1. 因為我喜歡喜劇收尾
    This one should be translated as " Because I love happy ending"
    Just a small thought. : )

    Get up and continue where you left of, Kath. If you believe in God, I am sure you heard of this before, HE will lead the way.


  2. thanks johnny :)...yea, my translation not too good...thanks for correcting...and thanks for your really means a lot...God bless you...