Thursday, April 9, 2009

Humans fail...

Sometimes when loneliness ambushed my room at night
I wondered why I'm alone
Then I remembered...humans fail

Sometimes I wondered why many marriages and families are broken
And children grow up in a mess
Then i remembered...humans fail

Sometimes wars rage in countries
I wonder why brothers murder each other
Then i remembered...humans fail

Sometimes friends forget
and inadvertently make mistakes
Then i remembered..humans fail

But thanks be to God
For sending Jesus His Son, who was God but also Man
Then i remembered...He did not, does not and will not fail

So i will not put my faith in humans, but in Jesus who will not fail me...

*Happy Good Friday*


  1. To fail is human. A failure is a pre-requisite for better things to come.

  2. i thought to err is human...well, same difference...hence my ramblings...