Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My 1st fishing trip...and the orange moon...

I was post call last Sunday...had a relatively good call but my sleep was interrupted by stupid PCA machines that were malfunctioning...never mind about that...i'd rather talk about my 1st ever sea-fishing after i passover my call to the next person on call, i rushed home to change and pack for the fishing trip..Pang and Sharon came to pick me up..then we drove to the Pasir Mas jetty at Putatan with Soong Yuen and Stan following behind our car...not surprisingly, we lost our way but eventually, we managed to find the jetty...praise the Lord!!

So we hopped onto the boat and off we headed into the open waters...i love boat rides...i've been blessed with a anti-motion sickness labyrinth so boat rides are a thrill for me..anyway, we stopped at our 1st fishing spot...cast my 1st line...i found out that casting a line wasn't difficult..but the waiting was quite torturous...i'm not exactly built with the kind of patience for i was just talking and laughing most of the time (and dozing off too)..and no, i don't think the fish can actually hear us from down there..Pang caught the 1st fish of the day...and we all clambered to take a pic with the fish.. in case we didn't get anymore fish..hehe, at least got a pic with a fish...;)

But we needn't have worried...coz after we moved to the next fishing spot, i caught my 1st fish..YEA!!! i was actually quite bored and losing hope i said, i just needed to catch ONE an omen...coz if i didn't catch a fish after a whole long day of fishing, then i'm meant for a single life like, forever..hahaha...well then, i hope this is a good omen then..catching ONE fish.. hahaha...;)..following my 1st catch, Soong Yuen caught 3 fish...she was so proud of herself, hehe..:)

We had some problem with answering nature's call though...coz there's no toilet in the boat...and i'm the kind who drinks water like a fish, hence needing to empty my bladder quite often...well, the boatman stopped twice on some island for us to relieve ourselves..but there was once when my bladder couldn't hold anymore and we were out in the open i decided to answer nature's call...the natural way...jumped into the water and relieve myself...hahaha...after that, we didn't catch anything the other guys said it was probably coz my ammonium waste drove the fish away..;P

Anyway, i eventually caught my 2nd fish...i didn't even feel the tug..i was just reeling my line in and suddenly, up came the baby was so cute...but since it was too small to be eaten, we released it back into the water...

We also managed to watch the sunset from our
e orange moon was lovely...took quite some pics of the sun dipping into the horizon...but i think the colour of my camera isn't too good..the pics came out different from the actual colour we saw...the mood and atmosphere was very very romantic...unfortunately i didn't have someone special to share it with me...of course 2 persons watching the sunset together would be more beautiful than watching it alone lah...sigh...for now, have to settle with watching it alone lor..

I was really tired by the time we came back to the land...and i had chemical conjunctivitis from repeated application of sunblock to my we only took the 5 fish we caught to the restaurant the next day...yes, to be steamed and eaten..yummy!!! fresh fish never tasted so good...anyway, fishing will never be my favourite past time (i'm just not built for it)...but it'll still be fun going for a fishing trip with friends in the future...ok Pang...waiting for the next trip..:P


  1. so fun!! can't wait to go back for fishing trip as well :D

  2. friends went for another fishing trip again while i was in Bali...and they caught really big envious...