Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!!

So today's my 29th next year this day i'll have to change my profile description...coz i'll no longer be a 20-something...hehe...anyway this year's birthday is really the best ever...coz i'm watching Khalil in concert in Genting tomorrow....and someone bought me a first row seat ticket.... hahahaha....i'm delirious....

Plus, i'm getting a new laptop for my birthday....:)...tonight the whole family will be going for dinner... and my mom, younger sister and niece made me a frozen cheesecake...:)...i love cheesecake...

I opened my facebook this afternoon and there were dozens of birthday wishes on my touched...Colleen actually called me to wish my happy birthday this morning...and a few of my friends also sent me's good to be remembered on your birthday....

Anyway, happy birthday to me!!!


  1. maD haTTer28/5/10 16:34

    ooooh, front row tickets!!!!! and a new laptop, very fly indeed!

  2. yes...and the person who bought me the ticket and the laptop must be trying really hard :P

  3. But please don't be easily 'sway'ed by just front row tickets and a brand new laptop, yea? ;)