Friday, May 14, 2010

My 1st row ticket...:)

Another courier came for me today...of course i've been expecting it all day...i'm actually on call today...but at least the expectation of my parcel made that more bearable...had quite a few referrals...but otherwise i wasn't too busy...the courier guy called me about lunch time that he was at my house but of course no one was at i asked him if he could deliver it to the hospital... so at about 355pm, Fanny, boss' PA called me saying that there was a parcel for me at the office...
Totally brightened my day...quickly went to get it and opened it...YES!!! my 1st row ticket to Khalil's Timeless in Malaysia concert...and 2 of Khalil's concert posters..:) i just checked the seat seat is actually quite to the left corner of the stage...but it doesn't's still 1st row...hopefully the grand piano which Khalil will play on is on the left side of the stage...then i'll get to see him better...hehe...

So now i actually have an extra VIP ticket to the concert...i put a comment on one of Khalil's FB fan page to ask if anyone was interested to buy the's RM323...13th row from the stage...right of the stage...nearer to the centre than my VVIP seat...and believe it or not, a girl from HK actually messaged me on FB and said she was interested to go for the concert...Khalil really has very willing fans...anyway, she hasn't really got back to me to confirm if she really wanted the if you're a Khalil fan, and you're quite desperate for a VIP ticket, please leave your email address in your comment....i'll get back to you asap...


  1. maD haTTer20/5/10 00:42

    HK to Malaysia, thats dedication!!
    where is his next concert?

  2. hatter,
    his next concert is in sydney...oh, and next year he should be coming out with a new album :)

  3. maD haTTer20/5/10 20:48

    I see, hmmmmm.... does that mean that you'll be going to sydney? you should, i think

  4. no, won't be going for his concert in time...and am getting Khalil overload...:P

  5. maD haTTer21/5/10 22:25

    khalil overload, not possible!!