Saturday, June 27, 2009

Do not be afraid...

LeeHom's song entitled 不要害怕 (do not be afraid) was playing on the radio while i was driving back from Connie/Jacintha's place...i actually didn't know the name of this song until i asked Khee Liam.. then i found the lyrics and found a youtube link where he performed this song life...hmmm.. very nice...

If there is a guy whom i like who would play the piano and sing this song for me...i'd definitely not be afraid to love again...that's probably my problem...i'm afraid to start all over again...afraid that in the end i'd realize that i made a mistake again...i'm too afraid to get hurt again...coz what the heart fears most is i choose the cowardly way not bother trying...sharing the joy of my friends who are now mostly either blissfully married and pregnant..or are busy making plans to commit themselves to a life of matrimony....but not really experiencing it for myself...

Don't get me wrong...i'm not desperate to get married...neither do i go around propagating celibacy for life...i enjoy my single life...for now...but i still pray that one day i'll find the person whom i will be able to love unconditionally and who will love me back the same until then, i'll just have to listen to LeeHom singing
不要害怕 and continue my reverie...

不要害怕 不要害怕 愛一個人其實並不複雜

(do not be afraid, do not be afraid, loving someone is actually not complicated)
不要害怕 不要害怕 過去的眼淚用今天去擦
(do not be afraid, do not be afraid, use today to wipe off the tears of the past)

午夜的兩點半 我走不進夢鄉 時間在逃亡 悲傷還在原地方
(2.30am, i can't enter dreamland, time has become a fugitive, sorrow is still in its old place)
我將一床被單 絞成混亂一片 愛已經滅亡 然而思念更堅強
(I use a blanket, and twist it into a state of confusion, love is extinct, but my longing is stronger)

我答應自己不要放棄 我答應自己不要忘記
(I promised myself not to let go, i promised myself not to forget)

閉上眼想一遍 妳轉身的模樣 每一個角度 都好像一種飛翔
(Close my eyes and think again, the way you turn around, each angle, is like you're flying)
我因為看著妳 回憶妳而悲傷 是妳在心裡不斷的想
(Because i look at you, recalling you brings sorrow, i keep thinking of you in my heart)

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