Thursday, June 18, 2009


I was at Miri over last weekend with Elaine and Siang Lin (The Foos), Jasmine and Flora..we went to visit Ai Wei and Alisa (who happened to be back for the weekend from Sibu) was supposed to be our last reunion before the Foos left for Singapore... but it turned out to be a celebration since the Foos will still be around till next i'll still have my karaoke kaki ;)..anyway, it was a good reunion.. really missed Ai Wei and Alisa..

We stayed at Ai Wei and Kenneth (her husband)'s house...their house is called the SLim house..for Sim (Kenneth's surname) and Lim (Ai Wei's surname)...their house was was like a show house, except that ppl actually live in it...every room has a different colour scheme and is colour coordinated...just like out of an Ikea catalogue...very nice...Flora and i slept in the Blue room..the Foos took the Orange room..and Alisa and Jasmine had the Green room...
After Ai Wei and Alisa picked us up from the airport on Saturday morning..we dropped our stuffs at Ai Wei's place and headed straight for breakfast...then we were off to Brunei (thank God i brought the right passport) for was about 2 hours drive from Miri to took longer that day coz of the health check point.. everyone's still on the AH1N1 alert...We had lunch at this japanese restaurant called the Excapade Sushi...apparently this is THE place to go for sushi around town..and we weren't disappointed..the sushi were huge and fresh...everything tasted good..and for the quality of food, the price ain't too expensive...very satisfying.. yummy...

We went to see some show houses near where Ai Wei stayed...the whole area is still being developed and the developer were coming up with new phase of houses..i found my dream's called the Alyssa..unfortunately, it wasn't open for viewing when we went there..i guess it was for the better..coz when i see the inside, i might just have bought it straight away..even though i couldn't even afford the down payment..hehe..
Sunday night we went for karaoke at Rex Box..well, i think i still prefer K-box coz at least the rooms didn't reek of cigarette smoke...and Rex Box didn't have as many Khalil Fong's songs...but it was still fun and we sang for almost 6 hours..hehe..i think we're turning into karaoke junkies...Monday morning we slept was good to know that i didn't have to go to work on a then, it was time to go to the airport to catch out flight back to KK...sigh..i'll miss Miri..settling down in Miri is an option...see how lah..


  1. Mmm hai ma?? U actually got plans to settle in Miri?? Then, next time I come back for holidays, I can spend in Sarawak? But I still like KL. Though I have to say that house is very nice, modern but minimalistic, suit you very much. Faster go to private, then you can even buy 2, 1 for yourself and the other for investment! Hehe!

  2. it's one of the option lah che...i'm open to options..if i do transfer to miri, then you can visit me there lor..private ah? hmm..see how lah..hehe