Monday, June 1, 2009

It's one of those days...

I was on call again yesterday...thankfully it wasn't too busy a call...had a 'big breakfast' as soon as i came to a call from the guy who was on call the night before..i'm needed in the OT stat..i was like..oh what? i rushed to the OT..but apparently i missed the action...they were doing a craniectomy and somebody hit the dural sinus and patient bled...massively...patient bled so much that he actually went into asystole and CPR was commenced and the GA ppl had to push in blood as fast as they could...patient was revived after 10 minutes but his blood pressure remained low despite on yea, he went into ICU for further resuscitation...and no, he's not dead yet...well, at least when i left he was still alive...

About evening there was another admission..but i settled the patient quite i had time to actually surf the i was youtubing Khalil Fong...and i found out that he actually performed at a concert in HK on 29/5/2009...well, couldn't have made it there anyway since i was on call...but it would have been a really nice birthday present...watching him in concert...i spent quite some time watching clips of him performing..there were also clips of him at some music award and he won some award...and Fiona Sit was there sitting beside him...

So anyway, it's one of those days when i'm having crazy and irrational thoughts's one of those days when i wish i wasn't me...that i wish i was Fiona (though i don't envy her singing 'talents' at all)...coz then i'd get to be by Khalil's side at some music award..and he would write songs for me...or some girl by the name of May..or Carmen..or Jessica..coz Khalil mentioned their names in his thank list...

Gosh...i seriously am regressing..or hitting an early midlife crisis...i mean, what's this obsession with some musician? if i was 18, then it's still understandable...but i'm already 28...sometimes i wish i was like Sharon...coz she said she has never had crushes on singers/actors/musicians...i've had crushes on singers since i hit puberty...;P...first it was Gary Barlow from Take That...that lasted quite a while until he kinda disappeared from the music scene...then Westlife came along and i had this massive crush on Bryan Macfadden...yea, i know..the fat one ;P...that lasted for like 2 years or so...then it was Ming Dao from 183 club...haha, yea, it's actually a Taiwanese boy band...that lasted like about another 2 years...then there was this brief crush on Baron Chen..after watching Ming Chung Chu Ding Wo Ai Ni...yes, i preferred him over Ethan Ruan...and then i discovered Khalil Fong and i'm totally in 'crush'...well, i think some friends would think it's bordering towards obsession...:P

Sigh...maybe this is what happens to ppl with no social life...and a hectic work life...they find escape in a fantasy world with 'strangers' they barely it in the form of a singer, actor, musician, the guy/girl next door, the Guess jeans model...etc..etc...Sharon and Pang think i should go out more often..and meet more'd probably have better luck trying to get a hermit out of its shell...hehe, and ppl wonder why i'm still single...i really can't be seeing other guys at the moment.. how can i? when all i think about is meeting Khalil? hahaha...ok, i better stop before somebody finds this incriminating enough to lock me up in an asylum....;P


  1. Is Khalil and Fiona sit a pair? Well, me not into either of them anyways.

    '....find escape in a fantasy world with 'strangers' they barely know'....??? Farnee

  2. jie2x..i'm not sure if Khalil and Fiona is a pair..coz the last time Khalil was asked, he denied that they were a pair..but you know how artists are...they won't admit even if they are..:(

  3. haha...some sort of fetish u have there. :p

  4. yea kok wei..i'm just plain weird...i'm sure you would have noticed that back in school..hehe..