Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bad call and Birthday dinner..

I was on call yesterday...had a very very busy call...was running around from morning till night...and this morning...i was already tired since yesterday afternoon and yet i still had to run around settling all my cases...yesterday we had a total of 5 admissions into ICU...and we had to transfer 4 patients out of ICU to accomodate the new ICU was like a and and out.. 3 of the admissions came in after office hours...and by ICU standard, that's a record..

I won't even start telling about the cases that were admitted coz it'll take too long...suffice to say i was kept up whole night till almost 3am...thank God sharon was OT call..and she wasn't busy...well, she was actually waiting expectantly for the ICU admissions coz they were potential cases for op.. but the surgeon decided that the patients should be just kept in ICU until there are signs of hypovolaemia i.e. patients are bleeding before they'd decide to go in for i had to resuscitate the patient and keep them alive....

Would have love to just go home and crawl into my bed and be comatosed for the whole day but i had locum from 8am-1pm...didn't want to do but Pang kept pestering me so i had to do...but good thing i managed to sleep a bit during locum...the morning wasn't too busy...after locum, came home and slept till 5pm...still felt tired..

Went out for dinner with Jasmine, Kean Khang and Suet Lai...i think Jasmine wanted to make up to me for not going for dinner on wednesday she wanted to celebrate my birthday today...she bought me a mango cake which was really yummy and we had seafood for dinner...had clams, prawns and scallops...scrumptious!!! best thing was...met one of my colleague and her husband at the restaurant...and they paid the bill for dinner..that was nice..;P

Anyway, tomorrow i'm on call again...these EOD calls are really taking a toll on me...-_-"


  1. 'san fu'....quickly take ur MRCP or FRCS, then can quit the govt job and go into private practice la....

  2. er...see how lah...hehe ;)