Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crazy call and Stupid SESB!!!

So i was post call yesterday...had quite a busy call the night before..had 2 admissions during the day.. and i was left with one available ICU bed...which we were keeping for a high risk patient going for about almost midnight, i went to the female ward to check out on some post-op patients (boss' order)..just as i was about to leave the ward, the ortho HO called me and showed me one of her patient's was bad...CO2 retention and low PO2..she told me that patient was suddenly breathless after given nebulizer at i went to see the patient..she was a 61 year-old Chinese lady who was diabetic and hypertensive..ortho problem was diabetic foot, which the ortho team already did Ray's amputation of the left 1st and 2nd toes 2 days ago...

So anyway, to cut the story short, the lady had a lot of secretion in her airway but she was probably having CO2 narcosis so she's quite knocked out (either that or she had a stroke or something) and couldn't cough out her i tried suctioning her airway through the nostrils and mouth..initially her saturation increased...but then suddenly she became unresponsive and her heart rate on the monitor showed an alarming 270bpm...and i couldn't feel her pulse...shit!!! it could have been a pulseless VT/ VF..but she wasn't on cardiac monitor so there was no ECG tracing...anyhow, i had to intubate her before she deteriorated further...her lungs were full of creps and her CXR showed pneumonic changes...intubation was uneventful but after the 1st time, her saturation didn't pick up immediately and air entry was reduced both lungs..though i was sure the ETT went through the vocal i intubated a second time..and this time her saturation did improve...thank God..

All the while, the ortho MO was a no show...i really despise irresponsible MOs who leave their HOs to fend for themselves in situations like then there was a dilemma...coz i intubated this lady..and Sharon (who was in OT) already started the high risk case and she didn't think she could extubate the patient...2 patients and 1 ICU bed...darn!! so i called my boss and we finally decided to send the lady to Queen for we got everything arranged...and just as we were sending the patient to the ambulance, i found out that the OT patient was extubated and could be sent back to ward...sigh...all the trouble for nothing...

Ok, so after i passed over in the morning, i went back home expecting myself to get a good sleep coz i had to go pick up my cousin Sam from the hotel...he was here to climb Mount Kinabalu..and he decided to stay a night at my celebrate my birthday with me...about 11am, Sandra called saying she was coming over to get back her CD..i noticed the fan was not turning...i thought it was just another electricity cut coz it had been happening for the past few days...but when i went to open the door for Sandra, i saw a notice from SESB...they've bloody cut our electricity coz apparently we haven't paid our bills despite the warning notice they sent us...initially i was still groggy from my sleep so my 1st reaction was to be pissed off with my housemate Jasmine..coz she usually pays the bills but she went back to Ipoh for her cousin's wedding...and i thought she should have asked me to pay it if she hadn't...but then i realized that last week, she went to SESB to file a complain regarding our unusually high bill and had already paid the outstanding then i was pissed at SESB...

Since i couldn't sleep as it was too hot in my room, i decided to go to SESB to ask them what the hell was going on...i was so pissed that i was crying...i went to the new SESB building and inquired about the bill status..according to their stupid computer system, the last time we paid our bills was in Feb 2009...i told the lady at the counter we've already paid...but she asked for proof of payment.. Bloody hell!!! obviously i didn't have it coz Jasmine was the one who paid the she sent me to the old SESB building and after putting me on a wild goose chase i finally asked to meet the lady Jasmine was dealing regarding our bills..and guess what? that lady was on leave...this was Murphy's law at its peak!!!!

So anyway, Jasmine was still in KL and was only reaching KK about she called the lady while she was in the airport and finally got through to was a good thing she apologized and told Jasmine she would settle the problem...coz the bills have actually been paid!!! there was no reason why our electricity should have been would have been quite embarassing to have my cousin Sam over with no electricity in my house...anyway, the idiots finally connected back the electricity about i could bathe and charge my handphone...but i still feel like making a trip back to the SESB to blast at them nicely...might just do it when i'm free one of these days...


  1. Ho ye, ho ye.....yes, practise ur consumer's right! Don't like anything, just complain!

    So nice of Sam to celebrate your birthday with you.

    Happy Birthday again, sis!

  2. hehe...thanks che...yea, Sam happened to be around mah..:)