Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bali - Day 8

So it was our last day in Bali..with a heavy heart i woke up and did my last minute packing.. Becky suggested that we'd better hand carry our paintings and uluwatu dresses since we'd never know if our luggage might make it back to anyway, i brought a half-filled luggage and i left Bali with a fully-filled luggage...of course that's nothing...coz we met a couple while checking in at the airport who bought a new huge luggage bag...won't be surprised if that was fully-filled as well..

After we checked out from the hotel and paid our bills, we took a cab to the airport...only for Becky to discover that she had left her paintings at the hotel she had to get the hotel staff to send the paintings to the we hung around at the airport..checking out the duty free shops...Connie found out that the stuffs in Bali airport is actually cheaper than in KLIA...well, some of the stuffs..

Look at our sad looks...we just didn't want to leave Bali..
We boarded our flight, which was quite full but at le ast this time round we weren't separated...i think Connie and i must have been really t ired..coz as soon as we finished our meal, both of us were knocked out all the way till we landed at KLIA..either that or somebody spike our food/drink..hehe..
So we got our luggage (wow! our luggage arrived intact...kudos to MAS) and Connie and i took the KLIA transit back to my place..while Becky went to meet someone...overall my Bali trip was an exciting one...though i didn't make it to Lovina to see my dolphins...i guess i'll save that for my next trip to Bali...if there is one...


  1. Waaa.....Bali is a real shopping haven it's in No.2 place for me to go shopping....HK is still No.1....;P

    Btw, u guys din lock ur bags one ah??

  2. hehe, now i can't wait to go HK to lock our bags..double lock some more..but didn't wanna risk it mah..if lost de, how many hundreds of ringgit gone wor...