Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me....

Today's my 28th birthday (yea, it's alright..i don't mind revealing my age ;P)'s probably just any other day to most people, but i grew up in a home where birthdays were celebrated regardless of how old (or young) you birthday is always a special day to me..anyway, after my horrendous day yesterday, my cousin Sam suggested that we should go for a total body celebrate my we whole hour of pampering...ahhh...good to knead out all the tense muscle since i've been all tensed out earlier..

After that we went to this Japanese restaurant c
alled Fukurou at Damai for dinner...Sharon and Pang joined us...asked Jasmine to come along but as usual, whenever i ask her to go for dinner i'll always get rejected...doesn't happen if Elaine or Alisa (or even Siang Lin, or Flora) asked her to go for dinner.. oh dinner wasn't too bad..and we had discount coz i actually have the privilege card for that restaurant...after dinner, i sent Sam back to my place and i went for my overnight locum.. haha, i'm such a horrible cousin came to stay with me and i left him alone at home with Jasmine...

I watched CSI and CSI:Miami while i was at the locum
clinic..hehe..good thing there were no patients from 10pm till got to watch uninterrupted CSI..:)..somewhere before 12am, i received a call from Andrew...coz he wanted to be the 1st person to wish me happy birthday.. that was a few msges too...anyway, tried to sleep after that..but as usual, couldn't sleep on strange beds..

I was working today...had quite a busy day...coz
as usual, ICU was full and we were trying very hard to transfer out patients to make bed for more's a never-ending story...and big boss insisted on having a mortality and morbidity meeting today...i was actually dozing off while my big boss droned on and on...thanks God my boss saved my ass by asking to go resuscitate a patient in ICU whose BP was darn low despite on 2 inotropes...phew!!!

Managed to get off work a bit after i went to a salon at Damai which i've intended to try out to get a new hairstyle..but it was closed i drove to City Mall instead..msged Sharon to join after walking about a while
, i ended up in Rebecca Salon...since they closed at 6.30pm, can't get much done...i actually was thinking of getting a proper curl since my last one was pretty much a disaster...but not enough had to settle with just cutting off my coloured here's my new look...;)

Sharon and i had dinner at Halo Cafe...really didn't know where else to eat de..we usually go there to listen to live Chinese singing...but we were early so there was only a guy practising on the keyboard..his voice wasn't too bad...the high kind of voice..but he really needed more practice on the keyboard..anyway, he practised a song that i liked a's by 曾國輝 ...the song's called xia yi bian tian kong...i actually felt like telling the guy that it was my birthday and that maybe he could actually sing me a few Khalil's songs...but hehe, too shy to do that..

So yea, i'm one year older..and hopefully wiser..i'm just glad i'm not on call again on my birthday..


  1. Happy Birthday again sis!

    Yea, a but terrible to leave Sam home alone right? I mean he wanted to spend your birthday with you. tsk tsk....hehe...

    Anyways, I offered you special giveaway, u know? In my TBS sale post. U didn't read my follow-up comment to you leh??? I refrain from replying ur comment in my Giveaway post. ;)

    But nice hair cut!

    And btw, Sabah is Europe or what?? So early the salons and shops close??

  2. thanks che...yea very terrible..ok lah i go check you reply to my comment...thanks :) er..sabah is not europe..but like it lah.. hahaha...everything here close early..except the pubs and clubs..-_-"