Monday, May 18, 2009

Bali - Day 4

Day 4 found us sleeping in till about 10am...ahh....that was's something i hardly get to do these days...since i'm on call practically every i had cup noodles for breakfast...bought a few from the convenient store along the main road the night was my lousy attempt to save money so that i have more to shop with, hehe..

After breakfast, Connie and i went around Seminyak went out earlier coz she probably couldn't wait to start shopping..hehe..we saw lotsa nice bags and dresses...some were affordable..some were a little off budget...but the fashion is definitely better compared to Malaysia.. Connie bought 2 dresses at a shop...both looked very good on her..i finally found Uluwatu...the shop that sells Handmade Balinese Lace apparel...i saw a dress that brought a wow! out of me (and Connie too) i decided to try it on...the one on the model was in black...they also had it in i tried both...i guess i'm more a white person than black...coz i totally fell in love with the white one...but i didn't buy it there and then..coz it cost i thought i'd shop around and see if i could find another dress i might like better..

As we walked further along the road, we came to a shop where i saw another dress which i kind of lusted was a Boho-style dress...halter-neck, deep V-neck line...empire waist...long...made of silk in yellow and brown tie-and-dye stripe...ok, my description does not justify the dress itself.. forgive me, i'm no fashion magazine i tried on the dress and prayed that i didn't look good in it...but i'll be damned...even Connie thought i should just get the dress...despite the fact that the dress cost Rp1400000 plus...dang!! it was just too i was in a dilemma...should i get the white Uluwatu dress?...or the Boho-style dress?...or was i willing to part with more money and buy both? hahahaha...sigh..only girls have dilemma of this sort...

So i mulled about it over a late lunch...and throughout our night swim...and even while reading "Twilight"...which i finished in 4 days...not bad considering i only read at night...


  1. So did u get the Boho-style dress as well? I know u got the white one right? was it the same white one you were telling me?

  2. no che..i didn't get the Boho-style dress..too expensive le...yea, the white Uluwatu dress is the one i told you about? so what you think? nice ah?