Monday, May 18, 2009

Bali - Day 3

On day 3, we rented a car with driver again to bring us around Bali... we started our morning by watching the Barong Dance...which portrays the Mahabhrata epic..honestly, if you're not into artsy stuffs like traditional dance, you can give this one a skip...coz even i fell asleep watching it...of course that's no surprise since i can fall asleep watching anything that lasts longer than half an hour..especially if i don't know what's going on half the time...but it was a good least if ppl ask me if i've watched the Barong Dance then i can say, yea i have...and it was pretty interesting..hehe ;P

Next stop, Tanah Lot..apparently, the reason why this temple was called Tanah Lot w
as because it was built on a...well..tanah the olden days, Bali lands were divided into lots...not much of creativity in naming the place...but the place was beautiful...the temple's by the sea and you can see waves crashing against the stones...incidentally, Tanah Lot is a favourite site for Balinese paintings... while we were walking around, we saw a couple who were taking their wedding photos there..well, the place is sure picture worthy...but the weather was so hot...i can just imagine the bride's make-up melting under the scorching sun...oh well, romance has its cost...

We had lunc
h at one of the coffee shop at Tanah Lot..did some shoppping there as well..bought a white dress for Rp50000...and a denim bag for Rp50000...i love my new after lunch, we headed on to Nusa Dua where we did some water sports...but we got ripped off again...sigh... we paid Rp450000 for 2 water sports..Connie and i took 'flying fish' and parasailing while Becky took jet-skiiing and parasailing...a word of advice, go with the tour packages..they cost a lot less..with the tour packages, you pay Rp450000 for 3 sports...much better deal...but that aside, the 'flying fish' was really cool...though i wished we had flown higher...and my 1st attempt at parasailing...thank God i didn't pee in my pants..but it was amazing...the view from high above left me in awe...though i wished it had lasted a little longer...i definitely would like to go parasailing again...

After a wet an
d wild afternoon, we dried ourselves and went to Uluwatu..another temple by the sea..i think Uluwatu means edge of the rock..or something like that..there were lotsa monkeys there.. preying on unobservant tourists...the monkeys would snatch the hats of your heads...or grab your food right out of your hands...but i think they enjoyed the sunset as much as i did..though i didn't catch the whole sunset...coz we watched the Kecak Dance during the i was a bit distracted between the dance and the sunset...anyway, the Kecak Dance tells the story of the Ramayana least i understood the dance this time round..thanks to the explanation provided by a brochure...

So, Kecak Dance i
s accompanied by a choir of men singing 'a cappella' style throughout the whole dance...and there's lots of fire involved...the story revolves around Prince Rama and his beautiful wife Sita who was abducted by the demon King Rama set out on a quest to rescue his wife, with the help of Hanuman, the monkey God...just to cut the long story short..

It was quite late by the time we reached we took-away KFC (yea, of all things) on our way back to the we had our dose of fast food...and i continued reading "Twilight" till the wee hours in the morning...

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