Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another karaoke session...

Elaine was in KK last weekend for diving a rule, if Elaine comes to KK, we'll have a karaoke session no matter how busy we since i was on call on Sunday, we went karaoke-ing on Saturday night (had locum in the afternoon)...i finished locum at 7pm and went straight to K-box to meet them...Flora was there we had our buffet dinner while we waited for Elaine and her friends (they finished diving classes quite late too)...

So after dinner, we were ready and full of energy to sing our hearts repertoire is quite limited to Khalil's songs...and some of Jay Chou's and LeeHom's..oh..and Stef Sun's Yu i practically selected all of Khalil's songs...apparently, i was the only one who sings Khalil's songs...Elaine knows a few songs it was kind of like syok sendiri...and i definitely did not do justice to Khalil's songs.. sigh...i wished he was next to me and singing to me instead...>_<

We only had 3 hours to sing and there were many of had to skip some of Khalil's songs.. and Elaine commented that we were getting Khalil overdose already...;P but anyway, it was fun... practising Chinese and all...but Elaine will be leaving soon to this would probably be our last karaoke session together....well, i can always go visit her there and go karaoke-ing there... and if and when Khalil goes to Singapore, at least she can update me so i can fly to Singapore to see Khalil..:)

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