Saturday, January 22, 2011

是你給我...a song from Kung Fu Chefs...

So i managed to finish watching Kung Fu Chefs this morning before i had to catch a plane back to KK...the movie wasn't all that before, if it wasn't for Van Ness Wu, i wouldn't even bother watching...Van Ness was pretty funny in the show...though it was definitely not him speaking Cantonese...and his facial hair...hmmm, i still think he looks better without...

There was a song that played as the credits roll...found out that it was a Van Ness Wu song titled
是你給我's a nice song...and i was checking out its lyrics...very very touching and inspirational...i don't know who wrote it...and i know it's a song from a movie...but i think when Van Ness sang it, he was singing it to the Lord...his love song to the Lord...the 你 is God...well, at least when i read the lyrics i thought about God...and how He had helped me to go find myself believe again...

Anyway, here's a link to the song...and the lyrics and translation....

終點究竟會是在哪裡 (where exactly is the final destination?)
有些猶豫是否該前進 (should we go ahead with certain hesitations?)
你說別懷疑就算路途艱辛 (You said don't doubt even though the road is arduous)
在下一秒都會變成回憶 (another second all will become memories)
讓我們追尋好的結局 (let us pursue a good ending)

是你給我繼續的勇氣 (it is You who gave me the courage to go on)
讓我重新找回自己 (let me find myself again)
決不再輕易放棄 (no longer give up easily)
因為你我會再次去相信 (because of You i will believe once again)
是你給我更多的堅定 it's You who gave me more firm determination)
對未來終於下定了決心 (at last i can make up my mind on my future)
再多困難我也會好好走下去 (even if there's more difficulties i will continue to go on)


  1. hey i watch that movie too and i was searching for a song from that movie.its around 1hr:7mis when ken and ying were stuck in fridge coz of the bad guys..can you find it for me..i m not chinese so i have no ideas but i search everywhere in google but couldnt find it
    pliz inbox me back if u find it here

  2. I want the name of the song at the grocery store fight scene if anyone knows that would be sweet