Friday, October 28, 2011

Till I Hear You Sing....

I stumbled upon this song while browsing through my friend's blog yesterday...and i found out that this is one of the songs from "Love Never Dies"....the so-called sequel of the Phantom of the Opera...coz Andrew Lloyd Webber didn't want his new musical labelled as that...after hearing 'till i hear you sing', i just couldn't get it off my wonder Pei is so ga-ga over Ramin Karimloo...this guy's voice is amazing...and he sounds so good singing it live...

Here's a link to his live version of "till i hear you sing"...tell me if it isn't amazing...

And here are the lyrics to the song...gee, i can really listen to him sing all day...

The day starts, the day ends
Time crawls by
Night steals in, pacing the floor
The moments creep,
Yet I can’t bear to sleep
Till I hear you sing

And weeks pass, and months pass
Seasons fly
Still you don’t walk through my door
And in a haze
I count the silent days
Till I hear you sing once more.

And sometimes in darkness
I dream that you are there
But wake holding nothing but the cold night air

And years come, and years go
Time runs dry
Still I ache deep in my core
My broken soul
Can’t be alive or whole
Till I hear you sing once more

And music, your music
It teases at my ear
I turn and it fades away and you’re not here

Let hopes pass, let dreams pass
Let them die
Without you, what are they for?
I’ll always feel
No more than halfway real
Till I hear you sing once more

Gosh! the lyrics...and Ramin's much much's almost ecstasy...but i can't help wondering how it would be if Gerard Butler was singing this song...after all said and done, Gerard Butler is still...and always will be...the best Phantom me that is...after googling "Love Never Dies" and read its synopsis, i can't help wonder why Christine chose Raoul in the first place...i would have chosen the Phantom...

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