Monday, September 28, 2009

I got through!!!

So i was listening to myfm while chatting with John and Cam online...i thought the cue to call was never going to happen...oh before that, gotta tell what Cam and i chat i said hi to Cam on windows messenger...and she asked, "wanna go taiwan next week?"...i was like, hey, i was planning to go to Taiwan next week too...if i got the tics to Khalil's concert in Taipei's like God-sent...

Anyway, about almost 11pm, the cue to call came on....and i was like grabbing my phone and started dialing the myfm no....1st attempt..busy..2nd attempt...still busy...i was like, WTH?!!? cannot be so fast got other ppl got through right? i kept trying...4th attempt...i heard ringing tone...I GOT THROUGH!!!! the adrenaline rush left me trembling...i couldn't speak properly...and i had to speak in Mandarin...good thing Jason (the DJ) was nice enough to help me through with the tag line...gosh!! it was really a that over..then it was time to sing an excerpt of one of Khalil's songs...the first song that came to my mind was "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You" i sang that one...

After Jason got my details and all...i put down the phone and i couldn't stop giggling to was like reliving my 'Gary Barlow' moments all over again...then i switched on the radio again and heard myself on the radio...hmmm...i sounded weird on the radio...but i think i didn't sing out of tune i have to pray really hard and keep my fingers crossed...that when they announced the lucky winner who will be getting the tickets to Khalil's concert in Taipei, it will be my name...still got another long week to go before next Monday....argh!!! the agony of waiting....

I don't know if i can sleep tonight...or if i can keep a straight face when i'm on call'd just be so like me to break out into an idiot grin for no reason...hahaha....oh gosh!!! God is so good to me...thank You, Lord!!!


  1. Yo... You spoke in Mandarin? WOW... That's a great achievement! Congrates!

  2. Johnny, you said it like as if i've never uttered a single Chinese word in my entire existence..:S..but then the Mandarin i spoke was very basic lah...;P