Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Khalil Fong is artist of the month in MYFM

I was doing pm shift in OT today…had a busy locum this morning…patients just kept streaming time to catch up on sleep also..:(…but thankfully OT finished early today…I wanted to do some emergency cases but then turned out there wasn’t any case that could be done…the problem with fasting month…6-8pm is off-limits..well, too bad…lucky me, get to go off early…

Unfortunately, it poured in the evening…so the internet connection at home is down…crap! So I’m actually typing this post offline…was reading a book earlier…but decided to type some posts although I couldn’t go online..i just switched on the radio and tuned to MyFM…and (Squeal!)… Khalil Fong is the artist of the month in MyFM…hehe, means they’ll be playing Khalil’s songs over and over again for the whole month…oh gosh! I wonder if MyFM will have some contest to win some Khalil’s cds and all…though I already bought his Timeless album…hmm, I guess this is going to be a good month after all..;)

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