Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding...

No, none of my best friend is getting married anytime girl best friend is already married 2 years guy best friend will probably get married in 2-3 years time...don't think he's in a hurry... and i love the movie "My Best Friend's Wedding"...i actually rooted for Julia Roberts and hated Cameron Diaz...but even Hollywood wouldn't grant me the happy ending i had hoped for...

Anyway, i know a couple who got married recently...let's call the girl A and the guy B...the first time i actually heard of A, her name was associated with another guy (let's call him C) was A & C this.. A &C that..bla bla i naturally assumed that A & C was a couple...eventually i found out that the natural couple was A & B....hmmm, and i've always wondered....if C was actually in love with A...perhaps A did not reciprocrate, therefore C decided to be A's best order not to 'lose' her...either that, or maybe C is actually gay...and maybe it was A who was in love with C initially but then since C can't turn straight, A eventually found solace in B...i still think the former scenario is the more likely event...which makes me wonder did C feel when he attended A & B's wedding?

I remembered a friend who cried her heart out when her guy best friend finally got married...the prelude to the wedding was filled with her watching "My Best Friend's Wedding" practically everyday...she tried to put up a brave front...but eventually she caved in when the fateful day arrived...but i guess females are a tougher bunch...she got over it and is now happily married with a child...i don't know if C will ever get over A and look for his own happiness...let's hope God will bring him a girl who can restore his broken heart...hehe..i'm being melodramatic as usual...

So, don't ask me why i suddenly typed this was just something that came to mind and it was something i could identify with...since yours truly used to think she was in love with her best guy friend (before they ended up as best friends)...of course i've moved on since then...but sometimes a small voice from somewhere within will pop this question...have you really move on? i sure hope i have....coz what kind of life would it be to keep holding on to something that will never happen?


  1. wonder who is ur guy best friend, hehe

  2. no one you know ah liam..;)

  3. Hmmm....then perhaps, someone I know?? ;)

  4. yea che, it's definitely someone you know..he comes to see me everytime (well, almost lah) i'm back home...we grew up together...