Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 4 - Movie World

After 2 days of bad luck, i was hoping today would be better...we woke up at 7am...after breakfast, we took a bus up to Tweed Heads..we reached about 9am...just missed the TX1 that brings us straight to Movie we asked a bus driver if there was another way to Movie World..he told us to take the 760 to Pacific Fair and catch a TX2 to Movie World..well, might have taken longer, but we're still going to Movie World...the bus stopped at Wet 'n' Wild Water Park before reaching Movie World... people were actually going there in the get wet and about crazy...well, we didn't bring our swimsuit anyway...DreamWorld is the stop after Movie World..we didn't go there either coz we thought it'd be a waste since we won't be going for the rides there..

We reached Movie World about 11am plus...i was so excited...i loved the place the minute i saw it...made me felt like a kid's really like a dream come many superheroes, cartoon and movie characters gathered in one place...the first thing i saw when we entered the Movie World was the Batwing Spaceshot...then there was the Superman Escape roller coaster...and the Lethal Weapon ride....all the big boys ride...none of which we dared to ride...coz Flora refused to ride with me, as expected..and i didn't dare to ride alone...sigh...i should have brought a guy along... we didn't even ride the kiddy the Road Runner roller coaster or the Scooby Doo coaster... we were too busy watching other stuffs...

We watched Shrek in 4D...the animation was cool...and the simulation ride was fun...then there was the live Batman show...oohh, i love Batman...he's my favourite superhero...there was also an impersonation of Marilyn Monroe...doing her singing and flirting with the, we went to watch the Hollywood Stunt Drivers in inciden
t happened the beginning of the show, the cameraman was looking for a couple to act a scene where the couple saw 2 cars crashing into each other...suddenly i saw myself on the huge screen...apparently the cameraman has zoomed in on me and the guy next to me (whose gf was sitting on his left)...i was like, What the hell??!! must have been a case of mistaken identity...i definitely didn't look like i was 'with' the guy sitting next to was pretty embarassing...but eventually the cameraman figured out that i wasn't 'with' the he shifted his camera..phew!!! otherwise, the stunts were extremely exhilirating....the ending was really cool...really ended with a boom...but i missed filming it...crap!

There was a Scooby Doo live performance...and then there was the grand parade where all the characters came out...Austin Powers, Shrek, Batman (squeal!), Scooby and gang, Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Daffy and Sylvester...i think i loved it as m
uch as the other kids there..hehe...then i went to buy some Twilight memorabilia for my younger sis Pei...i also bought a Tweety t-shirt for my niece Sylvia...Pei was thrilled with the Twilight stuffs..but i definitely can't say the same about Sylvia's reaction...she still doesn't like me..:(....anyway, the last ride we went for was the Batman simulator was about as adventurous we got....

Took the TX2 back to Pacific Fair...we reached about 5pm...the shops closed at we walked around Pacific Fair and i managed to buy 2 blouses for my elder sis Yvonne...quite a bargain...they only cost AUD 10 each....after that, we took the bus back to Tweed Heads...and managed to catch the 6.58pm 603 bus back to Cabarita Beach...we asked the driver to call at our this time, we didn't miss our stop...YEA!!! and we ate dinner at a pretty decent hour...8.30pm...we had microwaved fetuccini carbonara with yoghurt, strawberries and oranges... i slept like a contented kid that night...

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