Sunday, August 23, 2009


I'm interrupting my Gold Coast series with this post...coz i just had to share this one...i'm post call today...had 3 admissions during my call...bad but tolerable call...slept about 3 hours..which was quite good already....came home after pass over round...slept till 5.30pm...then worked out half hour on my elliptical trainer...after i bathed, i was thinking, what should i do tonight...since i'm working pm tomorrow...

So i thought i'd go to CP to check if Khalil's new album Timeless is out in the stores in was!!!! so i bought it...rm40.90...worth every i can g
et him to sign my album when i see him in KL next month...hopefully...i mean i'm definitely going for the T Music Festival on 12 Sept 2009...but not sure if i'll get to see him face to face again...hopefully can lah...

So i've been listening to it twice over so far as i'm typing this post...and i don't think i can ever get bored of his music...just a little info..Timeless is Khalil's latest (5th) album...consisting of 10 cover songs...namely:

1. You are the sunshine of my life - originally by Stevie Wonder

2. Nothing's gonna change my love for you - originally by George Benson, popularized by Glen Mederios...Khalil's got an MV for this the MV...
3. Bad - originally by Michael Jackson
4. Kuang Chao - by some chinese singer

5. La Bamba - originally by Ritchie Valens
6. Red bean - originally by Faye Wong...there's also an MV for this song...
7. Georgia on my mind - originally by Ray Charles
8. Remember - originally by A-mei
9. Wonderful Tonight - originally by Eric Clapton
10. Moon river - originally by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tifanny's

Most of the songs were sung by singers who inspired his music...and he really added his own style and flavour into these 10's a great album..but i think my favourite will still be his Orange Moon...i'm just so over the moon that i've got his new i'm gonna listen to it a few more times before i drift off into blissful sleep...;)

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