Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Best Friend's Girl..

I'm glad i'm not on call i could sleep late yesterday night..though i woke up early this morning to send my other housemate Hema to the airport..she's going to Manado...for a week..for diving.. lucky her...came back and slept again till 11am's good to be able to wake up late on a's hard to come by...finally dragged myself out of bed and went downstairs to work on my elliptical trainer...

Jasmine came back from her call already...and she was watching 'My Best Friend's Girl' i watched while working the time the show ended, i was still so engrossed in the movie..but as expected, Jasmine has already dozed off...the poor girl had a busy call the night before..hardly slept...

Anyway, something about the's about this guy called Tank...who's a great asshole...and ppl hire him to date their ex-gfs so that the girls will realized how 'good' their ex-bfs were compared to the 'asshole' Tank...but he's not really an asshole...though he can be very good at being one...then his best friend Dustin hired Tank to 'terrorize' Alexis (the object of Dustin's infatuation) happened that Alexis turned out to like Tank..despite him being an asshole...and this Alexis is not your regular slut or anything close ok? she's like this disciplined, high achiever, OCD, control freak, alpha dog, crazy cyborg kind of anyhow, as expected...Tank and Alexis ended up together..
strange though..i didn't cry...though i practically cried at every movie..

Makes me wonder, what is it about guys like Tank that makes girls like Alexis like them? i mean, anyone in her right mind would be so turned off by an asshole yea? and Alexis can get any guy she wants...i mean, anyone who looks like Kate Hudson can get any guy she wants...but i guess that's Hollywood for you...but then again, there may be some truth in it...maybe that's why sometimes we see nice girls falling for assholes...of course in this movie, we don't know how it would be like 10 years down the road...if there was a 10 years down the road for that couple...but in real life, i guess that translates to the high divorce rate we have these days...sigh...Lord, please do not let me fall for an asshole...please please please...amen...


  1. Well, it doesnt happen, I supposed. Sometimes, you wonder why on earth a girl chose an asshole instead of a Mr. Nice Guy. Coz the Mr. Nice Guy is good to be a brother, not a lover. : )

  2. what doesn't happen, johnny? i see your point though...dang!!!