Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The escortist....

There's "The Illusionist"...then there's "The Machinist"..."The Pianist"..and the latest addition... "The Escortist"....yup, it's the real life story of a pathetic single female doctor whom her boss has conveniently made her escort patients until after office hours, probably just for the fact that he assumes that she's single and therefore probably has no social life...it's not in the cinema..nor the home videos...think the Truman show...except that no one's filming...and her pathetic life will continue unless she gets the hell out of this rut...

Forgive me, i'm ranting again....just feeling a bit melodramatic....it wasn't too bad really...i still managed to leave the hospital by 6pm...still managed to run some errands...and still managed to go to my favourite 'panmian' shop for dinner by 7pm...not that i fancy the noodles...they have astro there...and i've been following the 7pm Singaporean drama on AEC..."The Little Nyonya"....quite interesting...not an idol series...but won't get to watch from tomorrow onwards for another 2 weeks...oh well...i need a break..and preserving my sanity is more important than following a drama series....

Anyway, was out for a while to meet a friend who's back from Singapore...Sylvia's getting married in November...and she came back to KK for her pre-wedding photo session...i could see the glow when she was telling me about her photo sessions...which by the way, lasted 2 days...and from what she told me, i gather there were loads and loads of photos...saw her engagement ring...no wonder girls like diamond...hehe...i am so excited for her...can't wait to see her in her wedding dress...can't wait to see all her wedding photos...i love weddings!!!

Oh well, tomorrow's my last call before i go on my vacation...woohoo!!!! i'm praying for a good call... coz i haven't pack yet...planning to pack when i'm post call..which would also be the day i'm flying back to KL...a bit of a rush there..but i have the whole day to pack..and i travel light...one more day..one more day...


  1. hi there, been following your blog for a while now. i find it very eye opening :) actually got to know your blog from vonvon's blog, are both of you related? :)

    i was just wondering since you are in the health care industry and see real patients with illnesses day in and day out, what's your take on the current h1n1 pandemic?

    are you worried for yourself? i mean, at anytime any patient that walks thru that door could be a h1n1 patient who is contagious. what should we as a layman do? lock ourselves at home and don't come out with our masks, gloves, sanitizers for the coming few months until vaccines are available to us?

    I have to mention that I am being treated for OCD and anxiety disorder and with this happening, i can feel that my OCD is getting to a whole new level, even with my current meds. i hope i am not freaking you out.

    just wanted a doctor who sees very sick patients, some even very contagious like TB (read fm you blog post) everyday, and like to know what the doctors like yourself think and advise us laymans to do or not do.

    do let me know if it's something that u don't want to talk about i.e. work, i'll understand.
    just thought maybe someone that i don't know out there can help me maintain my sanity :)


    btw, u're going to australia, they're badly hit aren't they?

  2. dear YS,
    hey there...i didn't know there were other ppl besides my friends who were reading my blog..this is actually quite flattering, hehe..thanks for your support...and yea, i'm vonvon's younger sis...:)
    actually, at the moment, there are a few confirmed H1N1 cases in the medical wards here..after confirmed then only they get sent to the isolation hospital...
    i'm not an infectious disease specialist/consultant...but unless one has underlying illness like asthma, heart problem, some immunocompromised state (e.g pregnant, HIV infection or liver failure), one might be having H1N1 and still be walking about...
    as for you, if you're really worried, it would be wise to be wearing a mask (preferably an N95) when you're out...and do all the things that the media is advising...btw, i have some OCD traits as well..i think it comes with being a doctor..;)
    of course it is always better to be safe than sorry...but i've planned my Gold Coast trip since last year...and though my boss says australia is like the capital city of swine flu, i'll just pray, keep my fingers crossed and bring a week supply of N95 with me there.. and if i do get H1N1 (let's hope i don't die of it), i'd love to have the 1 week quarantine...i don't mind getting another week off from work ;P well, hope i managed to help you keep your sanity...take care...