Saturday, August 29, 2009

Track 8 from Timeless 可啦思刻 - Remember 记得

I've been listening to Khalil's new album Timeless 可啦思刻 (Classical) for the past few days...unlike Orange Moon, i didn't like all the songs in this album...but i like most of them lah...but there's one song which is quite stuck in my head...and i wondered why it is this song...then i realized that perhaps this song made me think of Kheng Wee...about our relationship which ended after 5 long years...i never really knew what went wrong...and i don't remember when did it start going wrong...and this song kind of portray that feeling i had when we said our goodbyes...will once again attempt to translate this song....

我們都忘了 這條路走了多久 (We have already forgotten, how long we've walked this road)
心中是清楚的 有一天有一天都會停的 (It's clear in our hearts, that one day it will end)
讓時間說真話 雖然我也害怕 (Let time reveal the truth, although i'm afraid)
在天黑了以後 我們都不知道會不會有以後 (After the darkness, we don't know if there'll be a future)

*誰還記得 是誰先說永遠的愛我 (Who still remembers, who first said "forever love")
 以前的一句話是我們以後的傷口 (Words said in the past wounds us in the future)
 過了太久 沒人記得 當初那些溫柔 (After too long, no one remembers the warmth we felt initially)
 我和你手牽手說要一起走到最後 (You and I, holding hands, said we'll walk till the end)

我們都累了 卻沒辦法往回走 (We're already tired, there's no way we can turn back)
兩顆心都迷惑 怎麼說怎麼說都沒有救 (Both our hearts are confused, nothing we say can save us)
親愛的為什麼 也許你也不懂 (Why my dear? Perhaps you too do not understand)
兩個相愛的人 等著對方先說想分開的理由 (Two persons who love each other, waiting for the other to first utter the reason for breaking up)

誰還記得 愛情開始變化的時候 (Who still remembers, when did love start to change?)
我和你的眼中看見了不同的天空 (Both our eyes see a different sky)
走得太遠 終於走到分岔路的路口 (We've walked too far, finally we're at a crossroad)
是不是你和我要有兩個相反的夢 (Is it that both of us need to have two contradicting dreams?)

It's a sad song...tragic even..but i guess this is life...things don't always turn out as we dreamed or hoped..but we're human...and we'll always dream and hope...that the next time will be better...

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